Opti-Seal, Poli-Seal and ONR Review

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David Ghoudoussi was so helpful in answering some of my questions, I thought I would take the time to post my most positive impressions. I have been a hobbyist detailer on my own vehicles for some time before discovering Opti-Seal, Poli-Seal, and ONR this year. I have more slightly used products in my garage cabinets than I care to admit!


I have used Opti-Seal on my jet black S63 that was already well-prepped by me with other products (KAIO & KSG and Danase Wet Glaze). I actually applied Opti-Seal over two well-cured coats of Pinnacle Souveran, all of which were applied before I heard of Opti-Seal.


Opti-Seal Impressions:

Incredibly easy-to-use

Best results I have been able to achieve - Combines shine, gloss, and depth

Seems to give the shine of synthetic while retaining most of the depth of carnauba

Seems to aviod the dust-magnet problems that come with Souveran, without sacrificing much depth

Can be layered and sandwiched/Plays well with other products


Tip: Use sparingly and work the product fully to avoid streaks and splotches. I work it until it disappears. At forst, I used the foam applicator that comes with it, but switched to a mocro-fiber pad - Hope this is OK...


I highly recommended Opti-Seal!


I have a fellow work on my other vehicles and he used Poli-Seal. I can say that this is a great prep for paint that is in fairly good shape. Great results and he then applied Opti-Seal on the other vehicles. Another product that I would recommend.


ONR Impressions

I was very skeptical, but the product has high lubricity and cleaning. It is now my wash of choice. Surprise: Used as a quick detailer, it makes me feel comfortable that I am not marring the finish and looks great - works well on glass, too.


I look forward to trying the new OCW, although I don't know how this would fit in my forthcoming Poli-Seal / Danase Wet Glaze / Opti-Seal routine...


Also look forward to the tire shine, but want to hear about durability first...


Again, I am not a shill for Opti-Seal/Poli-Seal/ONR, although it may sound that way. Point is, as a vendor, David was so helpful that I would be quite remiss if I did not share my positive experience.

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Great to hear.....or READ your positive notes on the Optimum products you have tried.


You can use a microfiber pad to apply OptiSEal. The only draw back might be that you use more product.


Look forward to some pictures in the concours area.



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My pleasure, Anthony. Looking forward to the new OCW, but do you have any idea how it (or if) it will fit in to my new Optima detailing routine? I find Opti-Seal so easy to use, that I'm not quite sure that OCW will be necessary. Any thoughts?


Also, durability is my criteria (rether than appearance) in a tire shine. Do you have any information on durability for the tire shine? Thanks!

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Nice review!


I have the Optimum Tire Shine, and it's been 2 weeks since I have applied it. It still looks like day 1, and my car sits outside. I live in Southern California where the sun loves to shine, so the car gets lots of sun. It's gonna be hitting week 3 pretty soon. It's not a wet look, it's more of a matte gloss, which I like.

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