Bought the towels


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I just got my first order of products and looking forward to giving them a try this weekend, going to use them on my two vehicles as a practice and test run so I can get the feel of using them. Also will do my parents cars a few times before advancing with my business.



Now for my actual question.


I order the towels but not sure which is which by just looking at them.


One of them says polishing towel but it is the only one marked with a label that says what it is,, I ordered the glass towel and want to make sure I use the right one for the job. All the towels are blue except for one which is green.


Does anybody know which might be the glass towel and if it matters about the others one if used for all jobs??

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If the green towel feels smoother and has a tight weave then it is most likely a glass towel. Plusher weaves are towels used for polishing, waxing, wiping off residue and general cleaning.


I use blue and orange for detail work and polishing. I use yellow for grit and grime type cleaning.


I use plush blue, white and some green towels for finer work. These never have product applied to them, never do windows and never do any cleaning, only buffing and residue removal.



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