OC 2.0: avoid old, unused product?


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I'm getting ready to apply OC 2.0 to a family member's vehicle this weekend. I have roughly half of a syringe left over from 2012, and I can see the OC 2.0 has yellowed slightly in that time. Am I correct to assume I shouldn't use the remainder of this syringe? How long can I expect unused OC2.0 to last? And finally, what'd be the best way to store unused product to ensure longevity?




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If the 2.0 has been properly capped it should be good indefinitely. The yellowing is due to transfer from the syringe and will not effect performance.


Ron, I notice when the syringes come from the factory, they have a slight air space in them. Will they store indefinitely like that? Or for best results do I need to remove that small amount of air?

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Can Ultraseal get to old and go bad and if so how can one tell? Thanks


assuming you aren't a troll given your other post - do you mean Opti-Seal? Poli-Seal??


Opti-Seal...not that i'm aware of. i have a bottle from 2009 that works fine.


Poli-Seal...if it's separated and won't go back to the original creamy consistency with a few separate shaking sessions...then it's toast. that seems to be the biggest enemy of Poli-Seal in my experience. that is why i like it in the 8 oz bottles, so you can see what's happening with it. or...you can transfer it from the oil bottle to a CarPro or Megs squeeze bottle. whatever, as long as it's sealed well and you can see what the cream looks like.



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