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Hello Anthony & Everyone


Found this forum by accident and looking to use this forum to help me work out whether it's worthwhile to continue to use optimum

I have found OHC to do a really great job on some cars and then do bugger all on others, this is the older and newer formula's. I did a black BA XR6 turbo a year ago and it had scratches (not deep) one inch lower than the next all the way from top to bottom of every panel and it took them all out with foam and I was really happy


Then I've tried it on other cars that are far worse (heavy swirls, scratches in the metal, wash brush scratches) and it does absolutely nothing at all

OP doesn't give me the correction and finish I want so it doesn't get touches very often and I'm using menzerna mostly and waiting on GTechniq from Hong Kong & Europe


On another note, I love ONR as a QD, clay lube etc, brilliant product and protectant plus is really good too.

Will their be a stronger (600 to 900 grit) compound released at some stage?

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Welcome SVR....so happy to be here it took ya 3 posts to annouce it...kewl!!! :angry:


hopefully Anthony, Ron and the guys can help ya out with your needs...


Yes I noticed that today. The first time I tried it, I got a zero sized reply error and only did it the third time when I added a picture

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