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Hello Anthony & Everyone


Found this forum by accident and looking to use this forum to help me work out whether it's worthwhile to continue to use optimum

I have found OHC to do a really great job on some cars and then do bugger all on others, this is the older and newer formula's. I did a black BA XR6 turbo a year ago and it had scratches (not deep) one inch lower than the next all the way from top to bottom of every panel and it took them all out with foam and I was really happy


Then I've tried it on other cars that are far worse (heavy swirls, scratches in the metal, wash brush scratches) and it does absolutely nothing at all, even with edge wool.

OP doesn't give me the correction and finish I want so it doesn't get touched very often and I'm using menzerna mostly and waiting on GTechniq samples from either Europe or Hong Kong.


On another note, I love ONR as a QD, clay lube etc, brilliant product and protectant plus is really good too.

Will their be a stronger (600 to 900 grit) compound released at some stage?


Here's a photo of the workshop taken when we just moved in


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Hey SVR,


Good to see you hear and I'm sorry it's taken me so long to reply here.


I'll try and help you out on the polish issues and see if we can't get them to work for you in a better way.


Nice shop....man I wish I had one during the hot summer!



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Hi Master.


Well I've begun testing all of my polish brands (including my own) on an ex japan race car (MGF)

We have about six of them here at the shop which will be turned into oz spec race cars


This one is a nice red and after polishing would look like rich tomato sauce


I have got einszett, menzerna, opt, aussie gold (terrific local brand with worlds best QD), sonus sfx, magnum top gear, duragloss, wolfgang, fire glaze, glare, farecla, dinitrol (swedish), pinnacle XMT, Driven to perfection (small CA company) and some others as well


After washing and claying, I divided the far right side of the hood into four 1 x 1 foot sections and decided to use LC orange, white and black 4 inch pads with all products (got three sets of CCS 4 inch) and washed them by hand once used (so not to contaminate one brand with another)


Paint had some scratches and medium swirls and on the first one, OHC with orange and OP with white pissed them all off and left a very bright and fairly wet gloss. I love how long these work. Probably has alot of parrafin oil and glycerin

Finished off with driven super polish for a super high gloss wet look and paint was flawless.


Next was sonus SFX 1 V2, SFX 2 V1 (old formula that I've added some glycerin too) and SFX 3 V2

Paint was definately richer and darker than Optimum and again, flawless


Menzerna came out next. 91L Intensive (orange), 106FF (white pad and worked for ages with some aussie gold showroom glaze on the paint to stop it drying)

That process provided an even richer candy apple red colour and the best clarity of the lot but not quite as wet)

Paint was completely perfect


Alongside the menzerna was my Scratchinator range

Scratch banish, Swirl Abolish and Zero DFX glaze

These have a long working time and provided the best colour richness (maroon red instead of the tomato sauce look of the other three)

The wetness, depth and clarity was also the best of all.


Finally, Prima Swirl got stuck into some deep wet sand scratches on plastic bumper with LC orange pad at 1500 rpm and back down to 900 and 700 rpm. the colour enhancement and wetness of that alone was so good it was LSP ready and flawless.


I'll take some pics of these for you.

So after that, Optimum is definately back in my good books but I would love david to make a stronger levelling compound

perhaps 600 to 800 grit

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