2 More No Rinse videos

Anthony Orosco

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I did a quick video of using Optimum No Rinse on 2 card a bit dirtier than the Ferrari I used for the first video.


The first one is the door of a silver Porsche and the second of a black Porsche Turbo.


They are both only minute or so long but it shows the dirty cars can be done with No Rinse as long as you're careful.



Silver Porsche




Black Turbo Porsche





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Anthony...too bad your banned from that other posting forum. Your videos are getting rave reviews! Thanks again for taking the time to show all of us how effective,safe, and useful ONR can be. Even those of us that still use it with a bit of fear in our heads!!


PS--everyones commenting on the long hair!! Supercuts baby!!! :thumbsupup[1]:


Take care guy and keep up the awesome work!

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