High speed rotary...1st use!!


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Okay I got my Makita 9227 yesterday & tried it out today on my old test hood.......needless to say it did a very good job correcting some messed up scratches that will never come out, but they do look better.....whats really odd is how the section I polished as a test does look much better, but the polishing revealed some serious pitting in the paint? The pitting is everywhere, but you can't see it as much on the scratched up sides?


I started with a CCS white with opti polish @600rpm....gradually moving up to 1300rpm or so....then decided to go big and see what happens...so I put on the yellow cutting CCS pad with hyper compound set to just under 1500rpm......this did improve things quite a bit...& really didn't add much in terms of marring or swirls, almost none really....even when I intentionally left the buffer in the same spot for 5 seconds with moderate pressure..... then I reversed back to the white CCS with polish at 900 down to 600.......then black CCS with poli-seal at just about 750rpm........ followed by a coat of opti-seal.....


Heres the pics

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