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I love great finishing polishes so I thought it would be nice to see PO85RE5 and OPS side-by-side. I finished around 16:30 so light was a bit scarce...



- ONR wash trunklid and the top of the rear fenders

- Dry with MF

- Products were applied identically; first pass on low profile Menzerna 13.5 cm orange pad by rotary @ 1500 RPMs, second pass Riwax blue 17 cm pad (same pad material as the Menz., only bigger) @ 1500 RPMs.


I’ve never used the Menzerna pads and I was surprised that even the orange finishing pad felt stiff as a light cutting pad from other manufacturers. Menzerna has only three pads; a wool cutting pad, a hard, white polishing pad and this orange one.


The OPS went on buttery smooth and left a beautiful surface. Using it at 1500 RPMs was natural for the product and the OPS has darkened the finish slightly, but noticeably.

The PO85 was stickier in comparison, and its gloss level was excellent – but not any greater than the OPS. Without the darkening effect it can be judged as brighter, but it is rather the paint’s very own, unaltered look – wonderfully clear and glossy. BUT... OPS is simply on the same level – just with a very subtle difference. Percentually, these nuances are too small to be really obvious, as they are practically unidentifiable, undistinguishable side-by-side for most people. I don’t know if it was the higher-than-usual speed for the OPS or the stiff, but fine pad, but at the end it provided spectacular results as well.


I could detect very faint soiling marks on the pad on the OPS side (showing the very effective cleaning) as it pulled the tiniest dirt particles from the paint. These cleaners would prohibit a good filling action and the IPA wipedown revealed NO concealing at all. It was funny to see the IPA beading initially on the OPS side though.

The pads on the PO85 side were absolutely clean, pristine and the surface squeaked wonderfully – even sophisticated.


Subjectively, I liked the OPS side better for its better color depth. Clarity and definition was practically the same, so be brave and dare to use OPS with more enthusiasm and give it more speed. The PO85RE5 is also a wonderful finishing polish but ultimately it lacked the ultimate edge – as I expected to be clearly better than the OPS. From flatter angles it *may* has a sharpness advantage, but head-on they looked far too similar.


They perform basically at the same very high level, but for me the ease of use of the OPS, combined with longer working time, no residue, buttery tactile feel, a darker finish – PLUS a good sealant layer is a clear winner.


PO85RE5 gives a true finish, wonderful gloss and works very quickly, but its tackier tactile action, shorter working time and some residue to remove narrows the pure enjoyment a bit. However, for squeakophiles and glossophiles it is perfect.


So we have two products, which are very different, yet too similar in their true nature. Both can refine and burnish the finish to an unbelievable level, providing ultra sharp reflections and fantastic liquid shimmer. I expected more difference, but it didn’t happen. Therefore they are both permanent fixtures in my arsenal.


Pics after IPA wipedown. OPS on driver's side, Menzerna on passenger's.

















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Bence- Good comparison/write-up, nice explanation of the differences between the two products.

Hey Bence

Great job man. Great comparison of a couple of great products. I think I remember seeing some white MF's floating around my house. Take it easy fella!! Maybe it will warm up for ya over there soon!

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Hi Heath,


...white with red stitching? :blink:


Actually the weather changed a lot. In the past three days it was always warmer than 10 °C - even nights. It topped out two days ago at 16 °C in the sun, but today was -1 °C again... :D

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