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Ron Harris

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I have never been to impressed with quick detailers. When I came across the Optimum spray wax I felt that there was no need for one. David had asked a couple times if I thought he should produce one and I said no.

Well another customer had ask if he could make some for a high volume operation so he decided to see what he could come up with.

When he sent me the first sample I was very impressed but when I compared it to High Temps QD it was about the same. I felt that the High Temp Qd was the slickest I had ever used.

So after a few samples and a couple of tweaks I am very very impressed!

I cant believe how slick this stuff makes the paint feel. You could wash a car dry it run your hand across the paint and not feel any containments. Then wipe it down with the Optimum QD and you can feel any piece of grit or dirt stuck to the paint.

and slickness seams to last for a couple of weeks


The two Optimum products this will work extremely well with are the No Rinse and Opti-Seal.

When you no rinse a panel you can spray it with the QD while the no rinse solution is on it and then just wipe as usual. Great slickness.

For the Opti-Seal people seam to think that just because it's not slick as butter it not there. Well after you apply your Opti-Seal just do your final wipe with the Qd and is will feel as if the towel is sliding on ice.


I usually don't get to excited over things that are not revolutionary for this industry but this QD has got me all worked up.

I thought I would share my excitement with you. I hope that when the finished product is out sometime in January that all who use it will be just as enthused as I am. :dribble[1]:


Well got to go and QD my washer, dryer, refrigerator, stove and dish washer


Oh bye the way it smells really good!

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Guest Driven Auto Detail

I too cannot wait until this comes out. I'm more excited about the new Optimum products than I am about anything I'll be getting for Xmas.

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Guest Driven Auto Detail

As far as the QD is concerned, how would you rate it for:


1) Cleaning

2) Gloss enhancement

3) Added protection (if any)


What color is it? Any kind of smell?

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I only have used it to clean lightly soiled wheels and it did fine. Cant give it a grade because I have only used it on clean paint.


Gloss enhancement gets an "A" The gloss is better then the old spray wax and will even darken dull black plastic trim.


Protection gets an a as well. I don't think a QD was designed to protect your finish. The Optimum QD will last up to two weeks. I'm only going on touch and feel. The cars that I have done with this product have the slick feel for the first cople of no rinses. After that it falls off.


The color is a milky one and the smell is a fruity candy gum smell. Kinda like the zaino products but not over powering.

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Good info, thanks Ron! Any protection that it provides is just an added benefit but I thought I'd ask.


Kind of off-topic: Did Optimum used to make a degreaser? I see one being sold under the Optimum name on Kleen Car Auto Appearance's website: http://www.1car-detailing-training.com/Pro...-Degreaser.aspx



Yeah but that product *may* be discontinued and the new wheel cleaner/tire cleaner will replace it in the line up as a cleaner for exterior duties.



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Sounds like a good product. Does it also add gloss/shine?
Yes it dose. I have not waxed or sealed my wifes expedtion for 4 months. I washed it on saturday and gave it a wipe down with the

QD. Christmas day my wifes uncle ask when I had time to wax her car during this time of the year. I told him that I didn't wax it just washed it.

He said oh it looked like you waxed it.



Any ETA on when the product will be available for the public?


Sometime in January. The labels are being worked on as we speak about this and when that is done it will go on the production schedule.

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