Opti-Guard vs Opti-Coat 2.0

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I have a client who bought a used car (yellow) that he says the previous owner had opti-guard applied to it. Its pretty amazing how the dirt virtually washes away with just water and beads up like it has been freshly waxed ( I do use soap to clean it). I read about the opti-coat 2.0, where it is similiar to the opti-guard only more user friendly, so I bought some to try. I prepped the car and then I applied the opti-coat 2.0 to a silverish car. I noticed that water seems to sheet off vs the beading of the car with the opti-guard. I also noticed that cleaning the car with the opti-coat 2.0 is not the same as the car with the opti-guard. The car with the opti-coat 2.0 cleans nicely, just not as easy as the car with the opti-guard.


When I applied the opti-coat 2.0, did I do it wrong, or are the above mentioned diferences.....the differences between how the 2 products perform?



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I think I may have found my problem. I only used about 5 cc's of material to cover the entire car (1995 toyota camry). Does that sound like I am on the right track to finding out what I may have done wrong? I am pretty confident that I prepped the car properly. I applied more to the trunk and the water seems to bead more now than when I originally applied the product 7 months ago.

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