Who will win the Daytona 500?


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First does anyone care? But since we need some lively conversation, I'm going to pick Montoya or Michael Waltrip. Both would be great stories. The necks would freak out if JPM wins, and everyone else would freak out if a "cheater" wins. Should be fun. It's about 60 deg. in Daytona right now with gusts to 30 mph out of the NW. That makes that trak really interesting. If you haven't been there before, it sights right next to the airport. The wind HOWLS through that are, and is ten times worse when there is a cold front blowing through. You should see some nasty handling and drafting issues today. The temp should plummet as the sun goes down, so the tires are going to stay pretty sticky, without wearing as fast. Any car caught out of the draft will get dropped like a safe today. Shoud be fun to watch, since there is no REAL racing on.



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I am a fan of Formula1 and never really cared for Montoya.


So I don't care about the race. Heck, wth Michael gone from F1 it is like when Jordon left the NBA. Just not that interesting.

I actually wonder if Schuey's absense might make it more interesting? It still has SO much to do with the rest of a teams program, but now we should see some other drivers actually pass someone. One of my gripes about F1 is that most races are not terribly exciting after about the fifth lap. The first corner is always interesting. I think the new qualifying system is much more compelling. However, there were only a handful of races that were great from start to finish. That last race of the season (Sazuka?) was a fantastic race. I actually think it may have been one of Schuey's best drives. He really made a brilliant charge to the lead. That was a drive for the books. (BTW I hear he was fitted for 4 new Scuderia driving suits....hmmmm)

I ended up seeing the last 5 laps of the 500, and it was great! However I spent most of the day watching golf. lol

BTW I'm a sports car racing/endurance racing guy. Brumos Porsche is here in town and I've met Hurley Heywood. I'm a big fan of them. You should see their trophy case in the showroom of the dealership. WOW! LeMans, Daytona, Sebring, IMSA, you name it. Incredibly cool!

lol Even the cars in their showroom need a better detail. :lol::lol:

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