Driven Auto Detail: 2004 Cadillac Deville

Guest Driven Auto Detail

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Guest Driven Auto Detail

This 2004 Cadillac Deville was a referral from a local body shop. Any GM paint that I work on always seems to be on the tough side. This one was no different. This vehicle had some swirls but weren't that noticeable until I got the halogens out. I couldn't see any with the Brinkmann handheld light gun. This was a Full Detail and in this package I provide one polishing step.



-Wash with Optimum Car Wash

-Tires with Optimum Tire Shine

-Wheels with Optimum Car Wax


-Polish with UDM / W-8006 / Optimum Compound / speed 6


-Windshield with UDM / W-8006 / Poli-Seal / speed 6

-Engine with Meg's Hyper-Dressing 2:1




-Carpets & mats pre-treated with Folex then cleaned with steamer

-Plastics cleaned with Woolite/Water (8:1)

-Leather cleaned with Woolite/water (8:1) and leather brush

-Leather & plastics protected with Optimum Protectant Plus

-Glass cleaned with DG Rain Repel


Unfortunately, the sun was MIA once again. I took some after pics inside and some outside after the rain let up.






















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Guest Driven Auto Detail

That's weird.....didn't realize I had dupes. I remember having issues with the page loading so that was probably it. Sorry about that, and thanks!

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Guest Driven Auto Detail

Thanks Ron. I didn't seem to notice any dyes coming off the leather, however the driver's seat did not want to come clean. I doubt it had ever been cleaned before. I used the steam on it but it just seemed to streak (meaning you could see the trails where I cleaned) with a small nylon brush attachment and a small MF towel wrapped around it. I couldn't get it to even out though. That's when I decided to switch over to the Woolite/water and a leather brush.

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