Opti Clay Towel

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Optimum Opti-Clay™ Towel is a flat-weave microfiber towel that’s coated with a high-tech polymer resin designed to remove above-surface contaminants, leaving your paint smooth and ready for waxing or polishing. Optimum Polymer Technologies spent years fine-tuning our version of the “clay towel” until we created a formula that offers the safety of a clay bar, with the performance of an advanced, synthetic alternative. The Optimum Opti-Clay™ Towel makes the laborious task of claying your vehicle far less time consuming, easier, and most importantly, more effective.

Optimum Opti-Clay™ Towels are designed to remove bonded contaminants from your paint, like paint over spray, rail dust, bugs, tar, industrial fall out, and anything else that floats in the air and lands on your paint. Optimum Opti-Clay™ Towel accomplishes the same tasks as a clay bar, except it does it faster while doing a better job overall.

Optimum Opti-Clay™ Towel is available in two grades – Fine Blue and Heavy Grey. The Fine Blue Opti-Clay™ Towel is designed for vehicles with light to medium contaminants. The Heavy Grey Opti-Clay™ Towel is designed for older vehicles with stubborn contaminants, or newer vehicles with heavy paint overspray. Regardless of your application, Optimum has an Opti-Clay™ Towel that will make it easier to decontaminate your vehicle!

Both Fine Blue Opti-Clay™ Towel and Heavy Grey Opti-Clay™ Towel are 8" x 8" size.


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Yes it can.  Check out the video wash, clay, wax from the rag company YouTube channel. 

It is recommended to use optimum car wax with the clay towel to not have marrig occur.  

Another option is to chemical decontaminate the paint.  Yvan and Dann go over that on the podcast dated 2/1/2017.  

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