Gloss Coat on top of Opti Coat Pro?


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Hi. I'm new to the forum, and have no experience in detailing. I'm looking to get my new car coated the same day I take delivery of it, and I have settled on going for Opti Coat Pro at a local detailer. Now, this detailer suddenly tells me about the new Optimum Gloss coat, and he reccommend that he first apply the Pro, let it cure until the next day, then apply the gloss coating on top of that.


I've looked around on forums and different sites, and I haven't really found much info on this combo. And then, of course, I get a litte worried...


Are these two products compatible, or are there any pitfalls in applying them on top of eachother (cure-times, flaking, cracking etc)? Has this combo been tested by the manufacturer? Finally, does it really do significantly more to protect the paint/give gloss than just going with the Pro?


Hopfully, some of you can give me some good answers to this. Thanks!

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Thanks for replying and telling me that many installers do this. I guess that putting gloss coat on top of pro is more common than I anticipated, then. So when the gloss coat is gone, I still have the permanent protection of the Pro underneath. Seems like a good idea, in theory at least. But you haven't heard any negative effects of doing it this way, and it should be safe?

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