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How many ML of Opticoat V2 are required on average per vehicle size

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Hi everyone new here but not new to the detailing community. I am wondering how many ML or CC on average are used for the following:


compact car

midsize / sports car

truck or SUV


I applied Opticoat V2 today to my cousins metallic blue Ford Focus. I applied it using the method of placing the yellow foam applicator in a nitrile glove taping up the fingers then wrapping a Scotts Blue shop towel over it and taping that. I used this method so that the yellow applicator wouldn't absorb all the Opticoat. I then applied it one panel at a time, after application I would lightly go over then entire panel with a microfiber. I am wondering if I should have waited a bit longer before I wiped the panel. I watched these two videos prior to application (below) and was wondering if I used a good method of application or if I should have waited to wipe the panel or used compressed air to speed flash it, then wiped. I ended up using around 6 ML on the Focus today I am wondering is this a good amount or was it too little? I felt like I applied plenty of Opticoat to each panel. I want to apply it to my Mach 1 Mustang and was wondering how many ML I should be using. Here are the videos I mentioned above



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