Poli-seal and Optimum Polish


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Exchanged a few emails with Justin from Obsessive detail, regarding the above two products and I would like to get more opinions from the others here too.


My car has light swirl marks, and as I do not have access to a power point for a machine in the garage, I will be doing all by hand. (polishing pal) .


so i understand that only the above 2 products can be done by hand, and im having difficulty choosing which one.


firstly, is poli-seal the lesser strength compared to the optimum polish ?


my car has light swirl marks, but as I will be using it by hand, the effectiveness of removing them will be reduced greatly compared to using a machine. so shouldn't i be using the "stronger" more abrasive Optimum polish ?


is there any harm, or no harm using the optimum polish even though it might be "too much/strong", over-kill for the swirl marks ?


as for hand application, do I apply it as if im using a machine and work it in till the product disappears, or work it in a little then let it haze ?



lastly, is the optimum polish meant to be followed up later by the poli seal to "complete" the process ? It would be good to just have one step for the polish process (time convenient) , and then of course follow up with the opti seal then spray wax ?

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Buja I cannot suggest strong enough what a value it would be for you to invest in a orbital polisher be it the UDM, PC or if you can afford it, the Flex. They make not only correction work so much easier, but, they really bring out the full potential of the products you are using. That being said...........


There would be no problem with your applying the Optimum Polish or the Poli-Seal by hand. Remember that if using the polish, you are not really leaving any level of protection behind. You will need to follow it up with either the spray wax, poli-seal or opti-seal. Optimum polish has very gentle and mild abrasives so I would not worry to much about "overkill". If it makes you feel better, use it only on the areas that are more swirled and use the poli-seal on those areas that require little to know correction. One of the nice things about poli-seal is that it can be used directly "on top" of optimum polish. you don't need to work the polish in, buff out, and then repeat the procedure with poli-seal. You can go straight to poli-seal with out "buffing off" the polish.


In your question you mention that you'd like a one-step product. Poli-seal would fit that niche for you, but, just remember, it's correcting abilities are very light. You prob are going to take out deep swirls but you may very well get out the washing and drying swirls that are common in most cars. Poli seal, when used correctly, ie sparingly, will seemingly "melt" into the paint to the point that very little residual wiping will be necessary.


Hope some of this help you and good luck!

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