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Hello as it says im from australia....and i have just used OCW for the first time and i love it...I drive a aurora blue Mazda3 mps which i've owned for a year and this is the first time that i've have gone anywhere near it with it scares me(my biggest phobia is swirlmarks) but i got good recommendations on the OCW so i bought some!! Can someone give me a lesson on how and what to use in addition to OCW as i love my car and want to keep it looking awesome!! I park outside at work all day also so i need gooood protection!! Oh and i have a few feral watermarks on the bonnet which i would like to be removed yesterday :crying[1]:



anyway hope i wrote this in the right place...thanks in advance for helping an aussie chick that is in love with her car!!

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Hello Missy and warm welcomes to our forum :crying[1]:


The OCW will be a great addition to your car care routine :)


Optimum will soon have a product out you can use for those water spots as it works by dissolving the spots rather than using an abrasive to abrade the spots away. You always want to try and dissolve that type of paint contamination before using an abrasive.


Basically water spots are caused by the minerals in the water seeking to go back to their original hard state and their using your car as a surface to do that. So make sure you don't park next to sprinklers, avoid tress as birds and tree stuff can also mess up your paint. Park in the sun over tree shade.


After your next detail and cleaning we would love to see some pictures sopost those up in the Concours section.


Thanks again and take care,


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Hey guys


Thanks for the welcome.....that sounds awesome a product that dissolves rather than being abrasive I dont park near cars...trees....if theres not a park at the shops, that i cant park on my own, and stay that way then i dont go shopping!! Bit obsessed..i know!!!


Whens that magic stuff coming out...and can i get it when you guys get it???


Anyway its 2am on a tuseday better get some sleep!!



Pics for sure!!

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