Optimums New Spray Wax- 1st review

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Greetings from alaska,

My last car didn't but this one does have AC. I always feel like I shouldn't have to pay for things I don't want and will never use. Oh well. that's life.


The day after I used the OCW, it snowed 6+ inches. I think the OCW got short changed on a good cure time. But I think it is ok. That snowfall melted, but now we're getting hit again & have a genuine snow warning for the next day or so. We expect possibly another foot. I do love it here, but sometimes I wonder. Maybe I'm lucky that I can't even try to keep my car nice for much of the year. I'd probably drive myself crazy if I had your Texas weather and could detail year round. Also, I can't stand the heat!! Looks like we're both where we belong.

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Today I received my bottles of the new Optimum Spray Wax and Instant Detailer/Gloss Enhancing Spray. I was lucky enough to win these in this months product giveaway (Thank you so much Doctor G and Anthony)

I looked at my car and, well, darned if it wasn't dusty...don't ya just hate that?!?! Well in to the garage it went. I broke out the ONR and my trusty wash bucket and went to town. After washing the car I decided to go ahead and clay the hood with Sonus Green clay which is very mild. I did this for two reasons. One, I hadn't clayed the car in some time and so it needed it and; Two, I wanted at least one fairly pristine surface on the car so I could judge the product as well as possible. After claying the hood I polished it with Optimum Poli-Seal. I did this mostly because I wanted to play with my new Flex polisher!! (It rocks!! A review on that later....)


Now before you ask me "How's the longevity?" let me just say that after 30 minutes in an enclosed garage.....it's holding up tremendously!!! :beerchug[1]:


Okay....as for the smell. It pretty much smells like the old OCW, perhaps just a bit more "fruity". I am actually pretty fond of the smell so that was bonus for me. In applying, ie spraying the product, I found that the new formula was a bit more viscous. It didn't seem to run as much as the older formula did. It seemed wetter, but with better initial adhesion when sprayed on a verticle surface. The product spreads very smoothly with a folded MF towel and didn't give any splotchiness or streaking. Wipe off....very easy with a second "buffing" MF towel. Feel..........HOLY CRAP BATMAN. I do not know what the heck Doctor G did in the lab to OCW but whatever it was WOW. It's extremely, dare I say EXTREMELY, slick feeling. So much so that I grabbed my 13 year old daughter and made her feel the paint and then dragged the wife out and made her do the same. I will admit, I have never tried Duragloss, probably OCW's closest competitor in the spray wax field, but this wax has got to be the VERY BEST spray wax I have ever tried. Yes that is a strong statement....but I feel it is that good! The gloss seems to be slightly better than the original OCW, but I want to wait a day to give you my opinion on that. OCW seems to look better after about 24 hours of curing so time will be the judge on that aspect.


Okay...so what I don't like.......

This product leaves behind such a slick surface that if your car is in need of claying......you'll know it! The "bonded contaminants" that are in all daily driver cars stand out like a sore thumb. I mean like most of us car nuts, I take pretty darn good care of my car, but after feeling the paint after New OCW... I felt embarrassed. I mean the wax slickness really makes them stand out!!! Oh well, I know what I'll be doing after the next washing!


I have always been a fan of OCW, but this new stuff has totally won me over!


Dr G....you did awesome!!!!

STEVEH I think its great too. Some of the (old) guys tell me a wax won't last if its not a paste. I told these old poots to get outa the stone age. Even if it didn't last, it goes on so easy, I could wax every day if I wanted to. I thjink it smells adorable.

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