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Thursday was a great New England late winter day--sunny and in the mid forties so naturally it’s a day to wash the car. This was not my first time using ONR, but was the wash I was apprehensive about--car hadn’t been washed in two weeks with three trips up north to ski. The bottom third was covered with road salt and sand. I mixed up 2 gallons of water with 2 OZ of ONR for the wash bucket, a bucket of plain rinse water and 2 gallons of water with 1 OZ of ONR for the garden sprayer. Pre soaked all the sandy/salty areas as I went along and 30 minutes later the car was as clean as a full hose wash. I looked in the sun and with a halogen and couldn’t find a scratch or swirl mark anywhere. For those of you in snow country who have been reticent about trying ONR it doesn’t mare the finish even with heavy sand/salt-a great product.


Just as I finished the postman delivered my bottles of new formula OCW and new OID so I couldn’t resist giving them a try. I had applied a coat each of ZAIO, Z-CS and Z2 Pro just before Thanksgiving and the finish was in great shape, but would have added a coat of Z2 at this point. One coat of OCW-15 minutes--an hour later a coat of OID--10 minutes.


I’ve been a Zaino user for the past five years and have always been more than pleased with the shine, slickness and durability. Only switching to Optimum products to save a few bucks and a little time (once you retire you don’t have much free time with all the Golf, Skiing and Honey Do’s). The results were nothing short of incredible -- I’ve never seen such shine and slickness with any of the Zaino products. Even my wife commented on the shine and she considers a car much the same as a toaster. The OCW is supposed to last up to 5 months (time will tell), but who cares when it only takes 15 minutes to do the whole car. I can’t wait until my ZAIO and Z-CS run out so I can move to PoliSeal and OptiSeal!


Thanks to all of you who answered my queations when considering Optimum products!



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Isn't it great Paul?!?!? I mean sure you could spend more on products, work harder with powdery polishing compounds, paste waxes and sealants....but why would anyone in the world want to! Optimum products do it all for less money and less effort and that's AWESOME!


Congrats on retirement Pwaug and welcome to the OPT addiction!



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