which ccs 6.5 pads for poli seal - Light swirls ?


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Still considering whether to get a random orbital or not, will try out poli seal by hand this weekend on the bonnet and see if the light swirls / fine lines are really that minor and can be removed by hand (polishing pal) .


if it doesnt work out, then i will probably get the random orbital.


Im totally new to the machine / ccs pads scene,

which pads are for what and what suits best for poliseal (when removing light fine lines / swirls ? )


im thinking yellow, white and grey.

which ones would be good for my purpose and poli seal ?

or should I just stick with only one pad , say for example, is the white pad good enough ?

(budget's a bit constrained at the moment so yeah... )



after the poli seal, i will just follow up with opti seal, then spray wax as lsp.


would be good to get your opinions please...




oh and may i add that this will be done on mitsubishi paint which i think are quite soft...

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I would go with white or grey. I prefer a softer finishing pad like the grey pad with PoliSeal. The yellow CCS pads are pretty aggressive and are usually used with compounds or polishes to get out deep imperfections - yellow wouldn't be my choice with PoliSeal.


I see your on a budget. If I had to choose one pad with PoliSeal it would be grey.


Good luck!

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my car's a 2004 mitsubishi evolution, and from a couple of people's advice, they seem to have a single stage paint which translates to softer / thinner ?


so im guessing maybe it is safer not to go too aggressive with the pad and speed of the random orbital as well too ?

so maybe either white or grey pads ?


can the grey pad actually remove light swirls ?

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Always start with a pad/product combo that you believe to be too forgiving. This way you just may surprise yourself and hit the correct combo and thus save yourself time and effort. Most of my polishing/correction either goes LC white and then maybe one more rotary step with a finishing pad or lambswool, white, finishing.


I don't care much for orange pads as they are too stiff and unforgiving so I would rather go wool and have more control. I don't do that many 1 step details unless it's a car that I care for on a regular basis and it just needs a touch up, even then I usually reach for my Cyclo if using PoliSeal.



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