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Tried out the new OCW tonight on my car. put it on after opti seal.

frankly speaking it seems not much of an improvement over my opti seal., but yes there was a little improvement (duh).

but let me make it clear that the opti seal on its own already improved the gloss and finishing on the car.


personally I would look at the ocw as more of a protection as it includes uv, polymers and a bit of canuaba. it sure didn't bring the gloss of the opti seal one step back. it retained the gloss factor of the opti seal .


usually a canuaba paste wax would "taint" and decrease the gloss (of a synthetic sealant) to a certain extent. the ocw supplemented and paired up well with the opti seal.


I havent tried the Instant detailer gloss enhancer yet but from what i've heard from others, it improves the gloss quite a considerable extent.


so yeah,


if you want protection and gloss as a foundation base, opti seal

to improve and maintain protection regularly , OCW

for gloss enhancing on the fly, OID




one thought however, i've done what others have done,

spray the ocw on the panels , then use one mf to spread, then another to buff.

my concern is in the 2nd step when spreading the product. with a mf , it absorbs a fair bit while spreading the product. but there's a fair bit of rubbing and "friction" involved. i was wondering , would it be a good idea to instead of using a mf towel, use a mf applicator to "spread" the product . This will also reduce the amount being sprayed on the panels, as too much are usually abosrbed into the mf towel and wasted.


would be good to get some opinions on this matter.

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