Handful of questions on Gloss Coat application


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Let me start out by saying I am not trying to ask a "what is better, Cquarts or Gloss Coat" thread, I am just referencing a product I know about as a baseline for questions with the Optimum line.


First, when applying the Gloss Coat, can you use just one applicator for the whole car, or do you need multiple. When you are done, do you need to throw out the applicator, or can it be washed. And microfiber towels you use to remove the high spots, can they be washed, or do they have to be tossed? When installing Cquarts, they say you should use 4-5 applicators per car as it hardens on there while applying, and you should throw them away as well as the towels to remove the high spots.


Second, is there any need to do more than one coat, or will one coat still provide the 2 years of protection on the paint.


Lastly, is there any need to do a topper every few months to the product, like Opti Seal, or would maintenance washes be enough to maintain the car. The Carpro coatings recommend "retopping" every 6 months or so, but this seems strange to me since it's a coating, not a sealant.



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One applicator is enough and you can clean it and any microfiber towels you use for leveling with an APC or dish soap for re-use. One coat is sufficient, applying more is a personal choice - you might increase durability but it doesn't double with a second layer. Topping Gloss-Coat is also a personal preference - regular maintenance should maintain it's shine, but to amp it up or add surface protection from water spots/bird bombs/sap, etc, you can wax or seal.

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