Turbo Carrera & Plain white Cayenne

Ron Harris

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These are a couple of recent details anthony and I have done. First up is the Turbo.

It was a little rough and I didn't take any before pics.

It was sealed with the Opti-Seal and a final wipe with the new OID.

Polishing was done via the rotary and the cyclo










This one was done for the local dealer.

It was toped with Optimum spray wax. Cant remember how many polishing steps we did to this one. I even think we fixed a dent or two on it.

Every car we do that the dealer takes in on trade is sold for top dollar and very fast as well.

The sales men are really starting too step up and request that we do cars for them.







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There was also a ton of tar on that Cayenne, on the lower panels. In fact Ron did a 2 step polish on the whole Cayenne, same time it took me to remove the tar!!


It sold, which I was surprised at because it's a V6, within one week.


We have 2 new Turbos, black of course :thumbsupup[1]:, to do by Saturday......don't people grasp that black is such a royal PIA?!



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We had done 2 of the new Cayenne GTS models (one red and one black) for the Porsche unveiling but we didn't get any pictures because they drove the cars off to the unveiling pretty much as we were finishing off the windows!


We have a few cool pictures for tomorrow though of a 1952 Allard.



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I used to hate bugs and tar, now its quick and EZ. Works killer on adhesive residue too. But you probalby already knew that and were just screwing off while Ron was doing all the work, LOL.


Chris, Have you and Anthony worked together before? Lol

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