What is this, and how to remove it?


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Hi! I had my new car (now two months old) coated by a sertified Opti Coat Pro installer the same day I got the car. The installer used Opticoat Pro, and then Optimum gloss coat on top of that. Now, after some washes, I discovered two problems...and I don't know if this is due to my low experience in car washing or if something was not done right when prepping the car.


My normal washing routine:

1. Bilt Hambert Surfex HD degreaser (1:20-1:30 solution)

2. Pressure-washing with cold water

3. Pre-soak Optimum No Rinse

4. Microfiber mitt with Optimum No rinse

5. Drying


I've embedded some pictures of the imperfections I would like to get rid of.


The first problem are these streaks I have discovered, mostly located below the emblems, mirrors and indicator lights. It looks like some liquid has run down the paint. Up until now, I've not been able to get rid of them.






The second problem is the matte scale-like film on my side windows. These also won't go away no matter what I do. I've tried degreasers, ONR, spraycan-based window cleaners, vinegar, and rubbing with dry microfiber towels/newspaper paper.






In low-light conditions, the flaws are not really visible, but when light comes at an angle, it's really stands out. I don't think it should be like this, should it? My big concern is that this stuff is embedded underneath the Opti Coat Pro due to sub-par prepping of the surface. Can anybody give me some advice on what to try here?

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I use the Surfex as a degreaser/dirt remover prior to high pressure wash (i.e. use it as a prewash). Most of the dirt is removed, and I can go ahead with the final wash with ONR and microfiber mitt afterwards. I talked to the detailer, and for now we conclude that these streaks may be residue from Surfex that has dried prior to rinse. We also speculated if they could be water spots. Will try with a water spot removal first, and if that doesn't work I'll go over with Gtechniq G4 glass polish on the windows.

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