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I'm retired (read old) and like to keep my vehicles looking sharp. The comments are good for the ego. :-)


I guess you could say I've been at this for five years now, but that probably equates to about six months of experience. Have only worked on family cars and that's just fine. Moved to eastern WA about two years ago and found that the period of time I can actually spend on finish detailing is very short compared to western WA. It's either too hot or too cold. That's by surface temperature in my only shade.


I've tried a ton of products, but am narrowing the list down to two brands. Optimum and Duragloss. I don't get the range of problems folks in the business get.


Here's my biggest

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What's that old cliche...If it's to high(or loud); you're too old, haha. J/K! :beerchug[1]: I have a bad opinion that all cars must be raised or lowered, I can't leave anything factory. :marsa37[1]:

Your self-assesment seems to be right on. :groupwave[1]::marsa37[1]:


Sorry about the multiple posts, but the PC or FireFox hungup in the middle of that one.

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