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Hi guys,

I recently purchased, but haven't received all of, quite a few of your products:

Compound II

Polish II




Car Wax

Mineral Deposit Remover


Opti-Eraser and Mild Clay

Car Wash

Microfiber cutting and polishing pads


Pardon the silly questions, please.

1) I have fairly new black Toyota truck that has only been washed as of yet. I've read how paper thin clearcoats are. I wonder if I were to polish with compound II and an orange LC on a Porter Cable 7424 at speed 5 and completing with polish II and finish with white and grey pads) how many times would I be able to do that before I was wearing the clear too thin? (Each session every section gets 8 section passes). I worry about the areas between sections that are getting double the treatment due to overlapping, and the fact that the truck is guaranteed to get a lot of light scratches (fairly often I travel down a trail that gets overgrown in spots). I plan to keep the truck a long time, essentially as long as the engine lasts, and I'm maintaining the rest of the metal twice yearly with Fluid Film in the hopes I can reach that goal. I'm finishing up with another vehicle right now so the Toyota hasn't seen as much use yet but is kept outside all the time and will continue to be kept outside. So I expect to have plenty of ongoing detailing in order to keep this vehicle looking good as it is part of my business and appearances count, even in the back country. I simply don't want to overdo it!


Also, how long can I expect the liquid products to last after being opened? And what are the best temperatures and conditions for storing these products?


Finally, I have P21S Total Auto Wash and Chemical Guys Citrus Wash that were almost gifted to me and I plan to use until they run out and I buy the Power Clean. I'd like to use them as an alternative to an IPA. Does anyone have an idea of how many wasches it would take with either of these products in a paint stripping dilution to remove OptiSeal? I plan to use PoliSeal, OptiSeal and OCW at least twice yearly, probably more since I'm highly OCD, and I'm curious generally how much washing I'll need to do before the OptiSeal is removed and I can polish out any issues I've developed.

Thanks, guys!

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Just a couple of points - your clear isn't as thin as you fear, it won't polise or wear off overnight. That said, over polishing (or too aggessive polishing) will take that clear down. So first suggestion is to polish only if necessary (same with clay) and always begin with the least aggressive polish/pad. Compounds are your most aggressive, so make sure they are needed. How long products will last depends on the product - polishes/compounds tend to separate over time, so 2 years might be a good number. Wax, Seal, and cleaners tend to last longer. Finally, most car washes will not remove Opti-Seal, but Power Clean will.

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