Hyper Compound Less Cut than Compound 2?


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I am just learning the correction formulas from OPT.

I currently use over the counter:


Meguiar's Ultimate Compound

Scratch X 2.0

Ultimate Polish,

Deep Crystal System Polish


and they have worked well on the Meguiar's G110v2 DA polisher with:


Soft Buff 2.0 Yellow Polishing Pad 7 inch and 4 inches

Soft Buff 2.0 Black Finishing Pad 7 inch and 4 inches

Soft Buff Red Compound pad 4 inches



My question is if the link I posted above is about right in terms of cut for the Optimum Compound 2 and Hyper Compound....as well as the Polish 2 and Hyper Polish? It shows that Compound 2 has MORE cut than Hyper Compound, is this correct?


I want to use these products with the DA polisher.

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Ha--the Autopia polish chart (which is also generated by PBMG--the parent company of Autogeek), shows both Compound II and Hyper Compound (blue) as an 8. This is how I understand the Autopia chart will be updated with the new Hypers (their chart goes 0-10 as opposed to the one you posted which is 1-10):


Finish and Poli-Seal: 2

GPS: 3

Polish II: 4

Hyper Polish: 6

Compound II and Intensive Polish: 8

Hyper Compound (white) 10

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I need to find the reference and this only relates to the older version of Hyper Compound but I am sure Chris Thomas said the Hyper Compound was a tad less aggressive than Compound II. And Hyper Polish was a little less aggressive than Polish II. Obviously with the newer line up thing are different and it is possible the products were tweaked to change their relative positions after Chris made his remarks (or my memory is faulty - quite common these days)

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The problem with some of those charts, for instance the Autopia one, is that Todd Helme created that chart, presumably based on his own experience and testing. He's gone from there and now changes/additions to the chart have been made...based on...something other than hands-on experience. If Chris Thomas was comparing different Optimum polishes, it was from his own hands-on experience using them.

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Setec is correct, Chris' observations are from hands-on experience. It's my understanding the traditional paste products (Compound ll and Polish ll) have a bit more cut than the comparable Hyper line, except the new Revised Hyper Compound which should rate a 10 in correction. We've communicated the new lineup to Autopia.

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