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SLP 6244

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Hey everyone, new to the forum and coatings all together. I'm looking at the gloss coat but unsure if I am too late or not in the season where I live. I live in Pennsylvania and the night time temperatures are starting to get into the upper 40's low 50's at night and mid 60's to 70's during the day. I read somewhere that the minimum temperature for the product is 50. But is that just for the first 24hrs or the full 30day curing time? Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to all things Optimum! The temp range for Gloss-Coat is 40 degrees to 80 degrees, so you should be fine. Gloss-Coat is surface cured in 1 hour (vehicle can be driven in rain/snow). We recommend not washing with soap for 7 days...not sure where your 30 day cure time came from (there is internal cross linking going on that long, but it doesn't affect drivability),

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Ok, thanks Ron. That's great to know. I read somewhere about it not being totally cured for 30 days so that had me worried that the temperature would drop to low in a months time. So I figured this would be the best place to find out. Any problems with putting a car cover on it after the 24hrs? It's a nice weather weekend car that spends most of its time under a cover.

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I finally got a chance to use gloss coat but did I use enough? The only thing done at this time was the paint, nothing else. It's been 24hrs now and I see I have one spot that I missed leveling so I need to fix that. How long should I wait before I can apply a second coat if I wanted to?





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3 hours ago, Optigk said:

Sorry to resurrect this thread but I’m wondering when Ron states you can reapply at anytime.....does this mean anytime within the curing period or anytime, like a few months later?

The second coat can be done within 30-60 min after 1st coat or the coating can be re-applied after time. You just have to wash-decontaminate-panel prep the paint and you are good to re-apply gloss coat.

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