ONR and OID -- Petroleum distillates?


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My car has Opticoat Pro on top of Xpel Ultimate. I've heard I'm not supposed to use any product with a petroleum distillate on top of the Xpel.


Does Optimum No Rinse wash have petroleum distillates?


Does Optimum Instant Detailer & Gloss Enhancer have petroleum distillates?


Are both products safe to use on an Opticoated Xpel PPF film?



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Guest Driven Auto Detail

I can't speak to the formulations of any of the products, but ONR and OID are both 100% safe to use on your car. Not only are they both safe for the Xpel film, they are safe and recommended for Opti-Coat Pro maintenance.


In our studio, we install XPEL Ultimate film and Opti-Coat Pro often and we always recommend ONR & other Optimum products for maintenance.

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