After ONR + OS - OID vs OCW

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Hi Guys


My first post here. I have a brand new (5 months old now) Audi A4 in sunny Singapore.


I've been using Duragloss products since I first got the car delivered, but after trying ONR Wash & Shine recently, and having experienced the efficacy of the product, I would like to switch to a complete Optimum routine.


However there are quite a few OPT products and I'm not sure in what order and what frequency should I be using them in.


I will be using Opti Seal as my primary sealant/protection.


I will wash the car once a week with ONR Wash and Shine primarily - thought I'm tempted to try ONRWW as well. (Is it advisable to use ONRWW before applying Opti Seal? or will the carnuba in the formula hinder OS' ability to bind to the surface?)


After ONRWS/ONRWW, I will apply Opti Seal - and probably continue a once a month routine to refresh OS.


On the weeks when I'm not applying OS - should I use OID or OCW or both?


I would like maximum gloss + protection. From reading the forums I get the sense that OID has more of sealant type gloss whereas OCW has more of a warm carnuba glow - am I correct in assuming this?


I would like to use either OID and/or OCW every week where I'm not using OS.

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Welcome to the Optimum Forum. Your methodology looks excellent. You can top either ONR or ONRWW with Seal, but sometimes the seal will haze over ONRWW if you coat too soon (let the ONRWW cure for 60 minutes first). Instant Detailer is a light cleaner/gloss enhancer and is not as durable as Wax. I don't notice any real difference in the shine, but use OID when car is dusty, OCW as a pure wax.

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Thanks for the reply Ron.


Yes my key concern regarding OID vs OCW was aesthetics - if there's no difference in shine/gloss then I'll go with OCW first for sake of durability.


Will get OID and ONRWW further down the line - but will stick to an ONWNS + OS + OCW regime to keep things simple first.


Many thanks!

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