light scratching after washing opti-coat 2.0

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I washed my jet black BMW today and i got some very light scratches on my hood. I applied opti-coat 2.0 2 weeks ago, not touching the car for two weeks letting it harden, For some resin my hood scratches very easy. Can i do a light polish with m205 with a white pad the reapply the opti-coat 2.0 or do i need to remove all of it for the hood? ( or just leave it alone) I dont have any photos right now.


my prep is


1) wash with CG Citrus Wash & Gloss Car Wash 1 oz to 1 gallon of water to help remove wax


2) cay paint plus iron x


3) polish m205 white pad


4) ipa wipe down 2 xs 15%


5) opti-coat 2.0


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did you scratch it while washing, or you didnt correct it fully when polishing?


id wait longer than 2 weeks personally to wash with anything other than ONR. it sounds to me like your wash method may be the culprit. how did you wash the car?

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I used a 2 bucket and i barely went over the surface with a microfiber wash mitt. I think i did it when i dried the hood off. I used a plush microfiber drying towel. Can i lightly polish it out and reapply or do i need to completely remove all the coating. Use ONR like a quick detail or a the water less method.

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