Optiseal vs Optimum Car Wax water behavior

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I have not tried either product, but I am very interested in purchasing one of them.

Water behavior is important to me because it tells me if there is still protection on the paint.

However, from some videos I've seen of Opti-seal, I couldn't tell there was protection on the paint.

It looked like the water was sheeting off like there was no wax on it. While the Optimum Car wax, seems to sheet/bead more. The last video showing BOTH, which I would assume the behavior is the result of the Car Wax since its the LSP.




Optimum Car Wax


Optiseal + Optimum Car Wax



I was told by fellow testers of many different LSPs, that I cannot expect aggressive water behavior from WOWA product like Opti-seal. I'm looking primarily for something that saves time, and has good water behavior to go with it so I know when it needs to be waxed again. Would Optimum Car Wax be the product to go for?

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Each product has it's attributes/unique looks and is easy to apply. One characteristic of Opti-Seal is that it causes water beads to lose their integrity. If you spray Seal on a water bead it will fall apart, so it's hydrophibic but not in the sense of creating water beads.

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