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Just applied opti-gloss on my 2001 Ford Ranger. This after deciding a couple weeks ago to give its appearance some long overdue attention. I used NXT after hitting it with Meguires Compound and a microfiber bonnet. Wasn't thrilled with the results. It looked much better but some swirls were clearly visible. Did some online research that lead me to the Optimum line of products. So I ordered a bottle of Opti-seal and then decided to go all out and got the Hyper Compound, Hyper Polish, Opti Spray Wax, and 10ml of Opti-gloss. I also got the Rupes yellow and white pads for my polisher. Saturday I spent ~7 hours and washed, stripped, compounded, polished, and applied the opti-gloss. My truck's finish is like a mirror now! Very happy with the results! There are some imperfections on the hood and roof, hail damage I think, that I tried to fix but proved fruitless. I did the wet sanding with 1000, 1500, then 3000 but decided it wasn't worth the effort at the time, knowing what all else I still wanted to do. Maybe I'll address them next time when I can concentrate on those and not have to worry about the rest of the finish. I would love to be able to get some of the Opti-Coat Pro for a permanent solution for next time. I don't have the budget to pay a detailed to install. Haven't had a chance to enjoy the hydrophobic properties yet, but looking forward to it! Thanks to the Optimum folks! You have gained a customer and an advocate! Going to tell anyone/everyone who asks, and some who don't, about your stuff!

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