opti coat pro plus and snow foam


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Hi everyone!! Newbie here and first post!!


I've had my opti coat pro plus applied by a professional detailer for about a month now. I'm located in Australia so its in the middle of winter.

Probably a stupid question but I just want to make sure whether its safe to use certain brands of snow foam to pre-rinse the car before washing.


I've been looking at Autobrite Magifoam, Mint snow foam and Gyeon snow foam. To my understanding, they contain some ingredients that help dissolve dirt without scrubbing. As I've seen on some demonstrations, they seem to really dissolve dirt pretty well so I want to make sure that it won't affect the opti coat layer I have on the car given that its winter (non-stop rain) here and I understand that warmer weather is best for the opti coat to fully cure.


Any advice would be highly appreciated!!


PS. I should mention that I'll only use the snow foam as a pre-rinse and follow up with a two bucket wash and high pressure hose rinse.



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Considering that opti-coat is advertised as being chemical resistant I dont see why you couldnt use snow foams. Bare in mind than Optimum makes Car wash that can also be used as a snow foam (60ml in a 1l of water in the lance) and as a car shampoo so you dont need 2 products when you can use one and that one is from the same manufacturer as the coating. So OPT synergy again.

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