Gloss Coat and Preserving microns on the OEM clear coat


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"From the beginning, compounding and polishing have taken away coating thickness with the only way to restore it being a repaint. During new car prep on assembly lines about 2 microns are removed during the removal of sanding scratches via compound/polish. Optimum Coatings can add 1-4 microns to current paint systems without a repaint and with the ease of wiping it on. This means every time you polish, you can add the thickness you remove back effectively never going into your factory coat again!

Optimum Coatings can be polished without fully removing them, but that`s hard to discern due to all the variables of application. You may/may not need to recoat after polishing, but at least you not have had to remove part of the factory coat. Optimum Coating improve chemical and biological resistance to the point that it`s rare something would etch it. It also has a hardness near diamonds on its own, but remember that will lessen due to the hardness of the substrate it is applied to. So it will improve mar resistance, but it will never make paint mar proof."

~ Chris@Optimum on


Does this statement hold true for Optimum Gloss Coat? or is this only for Opti Coat Pro?

Meaning if I were to remove imperfections in a car with Gloss Coat, I would not have touched the clear coat. If I have touched the clear coat Gloss Coat would replenish extra microns that were lost in the correction process.


I'm under the impression that it isn't completely true with Gloss Coat, because this product isn't advertised to last more than 3 years.

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