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I applied 2 layers of Gloss Coat on my 2016 WRX about 1 month ago. About a week ago, my car was attacked by a water sprinkler at work, and the water was left to dry in 80*F sunlight. Here is what it looked like:






That night I was able to give it a thorough wash, I was able to get rid of most of the water spots, except for what remained on the Hood, Windshield, and Trunk.


Over this weekend, I was able to give it another thorough wash, and sprayed OPC at 1:3 directly on the water spotted areas, and let it sit for about 1 min, before washing. I also tried using a Clay Bar and Distilled Vinegar at full strength to remove the remaining waterspots. Sadly none of this helped.


I have MDR on order, and I will be able to use it this coming weekend. Here is a video of what the waterspots look like now, they can't be shown in a normal photo.


My questions are:


1. Will leaving whatever is left of these spots continue to damage my coating? I only clayed and used vinegar on some of the spots, and stopped when I saw they had no effect, but all spots have had 2 thorough washes.


2. Can MDR be used on Gloss-Coat, without damaging, or removing any of the coating?


3. If MDR doesn't work is my only option to polish out the spots, and re-apply the Gloss Coat to the areas I polished?

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Willy, water spots should not etch Gloss-Coat and MDR will not remove or damage the Coating. An alternative to polishing is an Instant Detailer, using a lot to provide lubrication while rubbing with a microfiber towel. You might also try a light polish or AIO (Poli-Seal, GPS) by hand to see if you can remove spots without reducing your Coating.

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