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Hey everyone. I am on other detailing forums and decided to join optimum forums as I have started to use more and more optimum products. I am also in the Optimum facebook group and I have learned a lot from Yvan and Dann as well as some other members. I almost forgot to mention I am an avid listener of the Optimum Synergy Podcast. Lots of great information there. I encourage others to listen to it.


I will post up some recent paint corrections that were finished with Gloss Coat.




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Hi Everyone

I just joined today. This is actually my first "forum". In today's day and age how crazy is that? I guess I'm behind the times. I have just started using optimum within the last month or so. For the most part I've been impressed with how easy everything is to apply, the only concern I have is the durability of Opti Wax and Opti seal. I have used both of them and they don't seem to last but maybe a month. There doesn't seem to be a difference. I have been Claying the surface before application and then wiping on Opti seal. Then going around a second time and putting on Opti Wax. I happen to be at a clients(doing another of his cars) house yesterday and noticed the truck I had just done last month, the hood didn't beed at all. (For the past month the truck has just set in his driveway, he's drivin it twice) He hadn't said anything and I went back over the hood again before he came out. But its concerning to me. My Clients are very important to me and I need to know how to fix this in the future. Thank you so much for your help. ?

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