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Hello there,


This is my first post so please pardon the questions which may have already been answered before in this forum.


i got my car detailed and coated with Opti Coat Pro via a authorized detail-er and they did a phenomenal job on the car. here is some feedback of my experience and associated questions.


First the good.


Along with Opti Coat pro i had also asked Opti coat on all the glasses, this was done on a wednesday, the same saturday i drove for 500 miles and it rained like there is no tomorrow the first half of the journey, and it was serious rain, like people were pulling over the shoulder because they cant see kind of rain - the whole time, the only time i had to run my wipers were when i was passing a semi. water just beads off the wind screen. when the rain stopped, there were barely any water on the car, everything had sheathed off. it didnt even look like it rained all the way if you just looked at the car. OWO, i was impressed.


While coming back, i got a crap load of bugs on the wind screen and the front of the car - typical hazard of hot and humid summer in upper mid-west (not complaining considering the fact that our summer is about 4 months end to end :))


Today, Monday evening, i took the car back to the detail shop as asked him if he could use a power washer and get those bugs off, i didnt wanted to take it through a touch less system since i was told not to do that for 7 days at least and i dont have a means to hand-wash right now. the detail guy was more than helpful to wash everything off, however, after washing, we found quite a number of bug etching on the front panel. he tried with a bug spray and some other stuff that i have never seen, but didnt come off. finally, he applied s liberal coat of opti-seal and asked me to come back later when he would polish the front bumper and the hood and re-coat it with opti coat without any charge. first of all, great customer service and i am happy with him, he does a very good job, but, this got me little skeptical about the opti coat product... so here are my questions:


1. Is this supposed to happen? the car was coated on wednesday and this happened on saturday evening, i would think thats more than enough time to cure?

2. if it needs more time to cure, how long do i need to avoid a interstate / highway trip once he re-coats it?

3. is there anything i can do to avoid it in future? i have already got some opti-seal, and i plan to use it after a hand wash next week as an additional layer of protection


any insights is highly appreciated.


thanks again.

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Welcome to the Optimum & Opti-Coat family! Opti-Coat Pro takes 7 days for the chemical/UV resistance to build up (the reason we ask you to not wash)...bug guts are chemical. That's why many installers put a coat of Opti-Seal on immediately. Once cured, bugs should not etch OCP. It sounds like your installer is handling this very well and you should not have the problem again.

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