Hyper compound or Intensive polish


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Hy guys


I want to remove some RIDS that my DA machine, Hyper polish and CG orange pad can not remove. So far my curent compound is running low so will have to replace it and have been thinking of Intensive polish.


I know Intensive polish was the ex-version of hyper compound so I am sure it cuts well but would it be easyer to just use hyper compound and refine if need to with hyper polish or would intensive polish do the job and still finish good.

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Only used the original version of Hyper Compound which was a very nice product but lacked the aggressiveness of something like 105 or the even nicer M101 it was however more aggressive than the Hyper Polish so is worth considering.


Be careful with RIDs, sometimes it is wiser to just reduce them rather than remove them. They can be quite deep and you either end up removing a local of localised paint which can look strange or you remove a lot of paint from the entire panel. Maybe a bit of light wetsanding is worth thinking about

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