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I'm a "weekend warrior" from Finland interested in rinseless wash methods. I'm constantly trying to figure out ways to maybe one day start a company using only rinseless washes here in Finland but I've still to figure out how to cope with the large amount of salt spread on the roads here in the winter.


Btw, is anyone selling the Big Red Sponge somewhere in Europe?

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Welcome to the forum.


I think the Big Red Sponge is exclusive for USA. Its not available in EU or at least not that I know of. There are other sponges that would be also great to use for rinseless washes (Kamikaze wash sponge, Soft 99 egg sponge, Dodo juice supernatural wash sponge to name a few). I use something similar to these ones they are great. My dealer in Slovenia sells these waffle sponges under his own name so I dont really know if they are the same or not but they are very similar.


Im interested in seeing how you will cope using rinseless washes in the winters you have. Im thinking you wont be able to avoid using a power washer.

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