OPT opti-seal vs. Angelwax H2go on glass


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This is a comparison review based on a discussion I had with forum user Lowejackson (so this is for you I guess). Lowejackson wondered how opti-seal would compare to a popular glass sealant made by Angelwax called H2go. The H2go sealant is very popular in the UK as well as in EU for its low cost, ease of use and good durability. I got 5 months durability in mixed weather before two weeks of heavy rain finally killed it.



Prep first


First I washed the glass with ONR



Safe to say the 1month old H2go was still going strong. The water seperated immediately leaving some lovely beads behind



Then I gave it a quick claying...too be honest it wasnt needed but hey



To remove the old sealant I polished glass using Hyper polish on a 3m pad and a DA. I wiped it off with a ONR damp microfiber towel. I came off easy.



Then I taped off the glass. Passenger side wearing 2 coats of Opti-seal 1h apart, midlle part is a control area not wearing anything, driver side wearing 2 coats of Angelwax H2go 10min apart. The Angelwax bottle is not original as the sprayer died on me (a common defect with H2go) and even after a while I notice that even this sprayer bottle will soon stopped working on me (it just spits it out instead of spraying a fine mist). Must be something in the formula that kills the sprayers, who knows.



Both sealants left behind a slick feeling, hard to say which was slicker. The middle control part was left a bit tacky or less slick than the protected sides.



Result followed the next morning so I diddnt have to wait long (it rained during the night, like it did for the past 3 days).


This is how it looked from the inside.


Angelwax side (left) removed a lot of water during rainfall

Controled middle part looks different doesnt it?

Opti seal side seems to hold most of the water but that doesnt really tell us anything right?


The drive

Both worked great. Both started removing water at about 46km/h, but Angelwax did it a bit faster although Opti-seal did it more through. The position of the camera is not perfect but it does the job.


After a quick drive





Angelwax leaving a bit of water on the lower part, other than that it completely removed it.



Opti-seal removed everything leaving behind clean and dry glass



During rain test drive and durability test will follow over time.


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A&J, that is a great test. Thank you for the time to do this. The H2GO does seem to have a initial small advantage but the durability over the next few weeks could be very interesting. I don't doubt the dedicated glass product will last longer but if Optiseal could last about a month then I would be impressed.


One day I should try the OPT glass coating but it is very expensive in the UK and there is so much competition. I know OPT supply a lot of product in a bottle but perhaps this is too much for an average detailer like me. Currently using CarPro Forte which was applied last August and it is still going strong and has the added benefit of being very easy to apply

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Im quite sure Opti-seal will last more than a month but I think It wont have the same fast sheeting ability than H2go.


Yes there is a lot of competion in the glass sealant department and OPT glass coat is a weak competitor given the price. Im sure its a great and long lasting product but the price is a real turn off although I would still love to try it some day. Angelwax for example costs about 10EUR for 100ml, it lasts for months (at least 3), it is easy to use, it gives great result not needing wipers (which is important) and Ive had the bottle for nearly 2 years now and there is still about 40ml remaining. Ive coated all 4 of our cars at home and really dont have any bad say about it. And I dont mind reapplying it every 4 months or so.


Ive not used any other glass sealant than H2go and so far Im perfectly happy with it. It does what I want from it and that is to disperse water so fast that I dont need to use wipers.


Like I said I will update the test over time.

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Its raining today so its a perfect day to test out both sealants and how they perform.


I added a video showing how both sealants perform at 50km/h at 90km/h and at 115km/h.





The video shows a noticable difference between the two, Angelwax being superior.

The dedicated glass sealant performs much better than opti-seal (as expected).

Opti-seal still does the job but for me its to the point I would need wipers while driving, at least at lower speeds.


More updates will follow.

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It is obvious why the Anglewax is so popular, the low speed clearing of water is very impressive. The Optiseal seems to be behave more like my CarPro Forte which does not do very much at lower speeds but by over 50mph (80kph) it is working well and once at motorway speeds of 70mph (120kph) it behaves like the Anglewax. As most of my driving is on motorways, the lower speeds are not that important to me plus the CarPro does seem to be very durable. I strongly suspect a large factor in the lower speed performance is the rake and aerodynamics of the car and no matter what durable coatings I have tried on my car the low speed performance always seems to be poor.


It would be very interesting to see what, if any benefits there are by adding the OPT glass cleaner.


Couple of days ago I added Optiseal to the rear and side windows on my car so I will report back on durability. Sorry, no pictures from me, my very old mobile phone does not have a camera worthy of the name and it does not allow file transfers and it does not have a internet function


Once again, thanks for taking the time to do this

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One observation, H2go sounds like it's specifically formulated as a glass sealant (would you use it on paint, metal, vinyl?), while Opti-Seal is a general sealant for the entire vehicle. A fair test would be Opti-Glass versus H2go.

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Yes Ron you are right. H2go is a dedicated glass sealant while opti seal isn't. I did this test because lowejacson showed interest in a comparison test between the two and since I have both products I figured why the hell not...it'll be fun.


To be honest I knew what the result will be before I even started with the test. If I ever get a hold of opti glass Ill do another comparison test.

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Many Optimum products have multiple uses but it's hard to beat a dedicated product. I use Opti-Seal as a drying aid ALL the time and put it on a windshield that has Opti-Glass Pro, so I really can't say how it would work on uncoated glass. I appreciate the test!

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I'm in the UK and H2go and it's very cheap over here and does a very good job. As said H2go is a dedicated glass sealant and is not designed to work on paint. Sorry but I don't really see how this is a useful test.


H2go V RainX maybe :rain[1]: but I know the answer to that one ;)

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Ash, nice to see you posting again. The reason I asked about testing Optiseal was OPT had said quite a few times it could be used on glass to give the same effect of a glass coating. In one respect it could never compare well to dedicated product but on the other hand it has been said it will repel water from glass for a short time. I was simply curious as to how well it would compare to a highly regarded coating which has a relatively short life of a few months and A&J was kind enough to do this test

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Ill say it like this. The comparison is not spot on but it does show you can use opti seal as a glass repellent if used as a drying aid every week after wash. Its not as good as a dedicated glass repellent but it does the job.

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we'll take that as a win...many OPT products do double (and triple) duty and while maybe not better than a dedicated product, they allow you to simplify your buying. For instance, try Opti-Seal on stainless steel, cleans finger prints in a wiz.

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