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Hello from central Ohio, USA.


I've been semi-fanatically cleaning my vehicles for ages, but have just scratched the surface of paint correction a few years ago. Then, a year or so ago, a friend turned me on to ONR, and my collection of Optimum products has been growing slowly since.


I'd appreciate a pointer to past and future podcasts. I'm sure there's a lot a guy like me can learn from them.


Also, I'm anticipating receiving a brand new motorcycle soon. I anxious to hear what you folks here would do, step-by-step, to a factory-fresh vehicle to best protect those young shiny surfaces! I tried asking about this in the Facebook group, but that discussion got bogged down with me being a DIYer, and not being able to use OOS myself. So I'm resigned to using OGC, but that's fine by me, and I still want to read about what you'd do before and after OGC on new paint.




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Welcome, Tom, to the world according to Optimum. You can find all the podcasts and excellent "how to" videos at under the "Media" tab. I'd recommend Gloss-Coat as the best, easiest, most durable protection available to you. There are great contributors on this Forum, as well as fantastic information on all things Optimum, so feel free to ask away!

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