Detail Fest/Poli-Seal?

Setec Astronomy

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In the interest of starting unsubstantiated rumors, it has been brought to my attention that the PBMG web stores do not have Optimum Poli-Seal in stock, and that one of them states "New Formula Coming Soon!"

I also note that the Optimum store has Poli-Seal in stock.

Since it's the PBMG/Autgeek Detail Fest this weekend, and OPT will surely have a booth, and Yvan is conducting seminars...are we going to hear something this weekend about a new formula of Opti-Seal?

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On 3/21/2017 at 6:12 PM, Lowejackson said:

New version of Optiseal?  About time. 

I have rambled on before about how I believe the competition has caught up with Optiseal so it would be great to see a new version


22 hours ago, Setec Astronomy said:

I think you misread something, Lowe.  I was referring to Poli-Seal, not Opti-Seal.  IIRC, Opti-Seal has had one formula change, besides any smaller tweaks the good Dr. has done.

Ha ha---Nutbread pointed out that I'm an idiot and typed OPTI-Seal in the last line of my original post, instead of POLI-Seal.  So as in the title of the thread--I meant to say Poli-Seal...sorry for the confusion.

I guess we should just take what PBMG is saying with a grain of salt, they have been a little weird with how they stock some of the OPT products, like when the white hyper compound came out they didn't stock that until they sold out the orange version, and they haven't restocked that as Intensive they don't sell the larger sizes anymore.  They are also notorious for weeding out slow-movers from their inventory, which maybe Poli-Seal was for them.


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Poli-Seal sales have been superseded to some degree by GPS, as all in ones and polishes are going sprayable.  Having said that, Dr G may have a revised PS up his sleeve and is keeping it secret.  PBMG is under new management as well, so who knows what their plan is?

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