Finally dove in...ONR

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New to this forum and new to Optimum.


Couple months back when I was just getting into detailing, I went with the Menzerna/PC combo. It was a tough choice between the Optimum/PC combo. Then recently I purchased ONE, OOS, OPS and OCW. Like most people, I was a LITTLE skeptical with the ONR so I tried it first on my wifes car (even though it is newer). It was even dirtier than mine but both are black. After ONR in the garage, I put a coat of OOS and OCW. I have to say everything worked great, looked great AND was extremely easy to use. Love the smell of OCW.


The only 2 things I want to fix/learn are:


1)I went through all 3 of my MF mitts and all 3 were pretty grungy when I was done. This kinda worried me during the wash because I was breaking the old rule of not using a dirty wash media on the car. There was no marring or scratching so hey, maybe it's normal.


2) It took me a little longer to ONR than the old fashion method. I'm sure I'll get a little faster but should I? With a standard soap wash, I guess I move a little faster and trying to move slow and gentle with the ONR.


I didn't have time to break out the PC, so poli-seal will be used later! Thanks all for a great forum and thanks Anthonyt and Dr G for the great products!


Maybe a pic or 2 later of the finished car.

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Hello and welcome to the forum :cheese1[1]:


It's normal to go through more than one wash mitt when using ONR. If the car is just dirty with a light film of grime then you'll maybe only need one mitt to do the entire car, and some MF towels for the wheels and wells.


You'll also notice that once you get comfortable with ONR you'll be shaving a lot of time off your car washes and then be faster than your traditional bucket and suds wash. ONR also imparts a polymer when it's used so after several cleanings you may notice that your car stays cleaner longer and is easier to clean.


Take care,


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thanks Anthony! The car was pretty dirty so as a pre-step I spritzed each panel with ONR QD from the gallon I made with ONR. Another great part of ONR IMO. My goal here was to lightly lube the surface and maybe help encapsulate/lift the dirt off the surface a little before wiping the mitt across it.

Just so happen we had a nice rain storm yesterday here in North Florida so I got a chance to see how the OCW stood up. I have to say there was a very nice bead.


Looking forward to trying out my OPS this week. Thanks again for the words and welcome.

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Great reflections - what a mirror :beerchug[1]:




I am starting to like ONR too. After I got used to it, except for wheels and wheel wells, I think I can wash/dry faster with ONR. However, I like the car soap method from a feel perspective. I know many rave about lubricity of soaps but ONR does not really feel slck so all those subjective opinions could be invalid.


Can I add ONR to a traditional soap to get improved drying capability> All the rinsing in a typical wash can leave water spots.

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yes, I read you can add a capful or so to your traditional wash to soften the water.


I have a whole house water softener but what I wanted was something to help reduce water spotting. After I started using ONR, I never had water spots or the need to really walk around the car multiple times with a detailing towel to be sure it was really dry. I do like the traditional wash too. I noticed that I was not drying my cars as well when using traditional washes so this is one reason made me rethink how I dry.


A capful is probably 1/4 to 1/3 ounce so that would be enough for a regular 1/2 gallon mixture of ONR although I use 1.5 oz to 2 gallons when I use ONR.

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