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Wanted to start a thread that I couldn't yet find here on the forums. Here you can tell which combo works for you when compounding a specific car of brand x. Please tell the used compound, the rpm (or number if you don't know) and model of your buffer and which pad you used and which car you corrected. Also go through steps if you choose to use different rpm's etc.

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I thought more experienced installers might jump in here, but it's a pretty open ended post.  I'm not a professional detailer, but have compounded using Hyper Compound, an orange and the hyper wool pad.  I was using a Zentool at speeds 3 & 4 .  I've compounded a 1998 Camaro and the aluminum tubes of my pontoon.  I was able to remove serious imperfections in the Camaro and followed up with Hyper Polish and a black pad.  I removed oxidation and got a nice shine on the pontoon tubes.

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I removed some serious scuffs for my neighbor yesterday.  Too deep for removal of some, but Hyper Compound ate up those defects in very short order. 


I used an orange waffle pad on a Porter Cable 7424 (the original) speed 3. 


Followed up the entire hood with Hyper Polish on the same pad (after being cleaned with the pad washer)  and protected with Car Wax.

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