Opti-Coat Hyper Seal in place of Opti-seal?


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I was thrilled to find an Optimum-only detailer near my office and my car is going in next week after some kind of contaminant mist (unclear if from a tree or construction site) covered the entire car this week. Thankfully, it has just been treated with Poli-Seal and Opti-Seal. I got most of the contaminant off (along with the sealants, unfortunately). They will take the rest off and re-detail.

But, the detailer is excited about the new Opti-Coat Hyper Seal and suggested I try it in place of Opti-Seal. I understand it can be used on cars without Opti-Coat. But, I have a few questions:

  1. What is the durability? How does it compare to Opti-Seal?
  2. Can I use Opti-Seal over it in a few months?
  3. Can I buy it in Canada?
  4. Can anything be used to top it to enhance shine and/or durability?  Optimum wax? Detailer?

Thanks in advance.

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Tracey - The resins in Hyper Seal are stronger than Opti-Seal and you should get 25% - 50% greater durability.  Yes, you can apply Opti-Seal over Hyper Seal with no problems.  It's available in Canada at http://opticoat.com/dealer/canada, or in the US at http://opti-coat.net/opts/Opti-Coat maintenance.

You can apply Optimum Spray Wax or Instant Detailer over Hyper Seal.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Smart Detail in Toronto did a great job. This was their first dry application of Hyper Seal, as they'd only previously used it as a drying agent. And, he had one bottle for sale, so I got it. I have now put on my second coat and the car looks fabulous - with a deep gloss unlike anything I've used before. I used ONR to wash, and the paint definitely had a different texture, almost like an oily (but not actually oily) hydrophobic surface. The ONR actually sheeted off.

I've made a couple of assumptions about application since there is nothing published yet about Hyper Seal:

  1. I assume that I should use it the same way as Opti-Seal and apply three coats. The second layer is on. Waiting 24 hours and adding another. Thereafter, topping up periodically until the next detail.
  2. The dealer suggested half a spray per panel. I worked this in extremely well with a MF towel and went over with dry side to remove any final residue. 

So far, I'm very impressed. 

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