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Use of Opti-Seal as a drying aid is a recent discovery.  With the help of our dedicated enthusiasts, Optimum continues to find new and unique ways to use our products.  As for protection, if you mean durability, my guess is you'll get less longevity when used as a drying aid.  It stands to reason you're using less product and diluting it this way, as opposed to applying it as a stand alone process.  I use Opti-Seal (or it's sister Hyper Seal) in every wash, so I can't speak to durability.

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Nor opti seal or OCW will give you huge durability on a daily driven car exposed to mixed weather. I found OCW will give 6-8 weeks and Opti seal will give you 8-12 weeks.

Both are great as drying aids. I tend to use Opti Seal more coz I find it easier to use and it works great on all surfaces.

Yes durability, slickness and performance will drop if you use it as a drying aid on a wet car but you should see durability between 4-6 weeks using it like this.  You can still use it the "traditional way" with a foam applicator after you dry the car to add more slickness & shine. Durability will increase obviously and it wont take more than 5min to do the entire car.

Long story short....if you use it at least once a month your car will easily be protected till your next wash.

Its been my favorite drying aid for a couple of years now and Ive still got half of the bottle left....along with 2 full bottles still waiting in my garage, one of them being the old version.

Hope that clears out some things.

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