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 Good morning.

I had the Opti Coat Pro+  added to my new 2018 Corvette Grand Sport and love the shine!

I clean it once a week with Opti coat no rinse & use Hyper seal as drying aid (use Hyper seal every time car is washed).   If car is not too dirty during the middle of the week, I use Opti-clean and Opti Instant detailer.  

Unfortunately winter is right around the corner and the car will be outside enduring the elements (snow, ice, salt, etc.).    I know leaving a Corvette outside in the winter is sacrilegious with other Corvette owners however my garage is not ready for the car this year.  

To be clear, I won't drive car in the snow however it will be outside.   This is my daily driving car (other than when it snows).  

So here's my questions:

     1 -What do other members do (areas where it snows) to maintain and protect the Opti Coat finish over the harsh winter?  

     2 - Should I change my routine above?   

     3 - Will the cold (temps below freezing) affect any of the products listed above (Opti-clean, Hyper seal, Opti Instant detailer) when applying outside during the winter?

Any suggestions  / advice would be greatly appreciated!





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Good morning, sorry you have been waiting so long for a reply. 

If the car is not going to be driven and is just going to get snowed on my suggestion would be to use an ONR wash at 256/1 when possible to wash the vehicle. When it gets to be below freezing there is not much you will be able to do other than wait for the temps to get above freezing to wash the vehicle. So my suggestion would be as follows- 

  • Wash vehicle with ONR at standard dilution
  • The colder it gets the more that Instant Detailer seems to work easier than Hyper Seal. Hyper Seal will still work its just Instant Detailer seems to dry better. 
  • When it is freezing I would hold off on any detailing. The ONR will just freeze to the surface. 
  • When it gets warmer out and you are going to be driving it I would recommend doing a paint decontamination wash with Power Clean and Ferrex and top with Hyper Seal. 
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I don't tend to wash when it is freezing but when just very cold I still use ONR or if a lot of salt then Opti-clean and then ONR.  Rather like working in high temperatures I find the best method is to work on one panel at a time i.e. wash and dry before moving onto the next panel

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