2019 Indian Roadmaster polished and gloss coated


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Here in TN, the rain finally stopped and the sun came out long enough for me to bring this project out for a ride today. This RM started as a standard 2019 Burgundy Metallic. Since Indian did not make a Roadmaster Elite this year, I made my own interpretation of one.
Aside from ONR, I had never used any other Optimum products before Oct 2018. Once I understood the Optimum system, I went 'all in', bought a lot of Optimum products and completely polished, coated and sealed this bike with nothing but Optimum products. As an amateur detailer, the synergy of the Optimum system simplified my process so much I actually gave away a lot of other products I had.
Feel free to browse through the album to see the work as well as before and after pics of polishing. All the pictures are commented so you can follow the story. As you browse the gallery, you will notice the parts with swirl marks. Keep in mind I bought this bike new with no miles on it so I'm disappointed this bike came from the factory looking like that. I guess most people don't notice. Now that I've shown my wife what to look for she points stuff out to me! 🤣
I appreciate any feedback you all might have.
Special thanks to Ron Doyle at Optimum who answered every question I had.

2019-02-24 11.05.49-2_optimum_1440.jpg

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