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Hi, I am considering purchasing gloss coat when doing a business trip to the US. Where I live the prices are approx. 50% higher compared to the US :-(

I want to use the coat on my next car in a year or two. What is the shelf life approximately?

I have seen various tutorials for installation of the gloss coat. I would like to use the compound- & polishing products that I already have.

The procedure will then be compound/polish depending on the state on the paint/clearcoat -> IPA wipe down -> OPT Paint Prep -> OPT Gloss coat -> OPT Opti seal.

I know that using hyper polish is the better option, but would the above be sufficient?

On another note what do you recommend for non ceramic coated cars. Optimum Car Wax or Opti seal?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards (from Denmark)


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On another note what do you recommend for non ceramic coated cars. Optimum Car Wax or Opti seal?

If you mean without Gloss coat the choice is about looks (“warm” vs “glossy/glas” look) and durability where Opti seal “wins”. But does durability count when applying the products are that easy?

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Gloss coat will last a very long time (years) if sealed properly. It comes in a sealed syringe with the screw top. It reacts with moisture so if you use it make sure to remove the exxes air out before you screw the top on (check the 9min mark in the video shown bellow).

More tips in this video

If by any chance the product turnes into a gel form after use then its no longer usable (air wasnt released properly and the coating started reacting and solidified inside).


To answer your second question...both are good. I preper opti seal because I mainly use it as a drying aid and in that regard its fantastic, but you get better water behaviour from Car wax. Durability with both is about the same (6 - 8 weeks).

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